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WHO’s new director of polio eradication: the end is in sight

In February, Michel Zaffran will take over as director of polio eradication for the World Health Organization (WHO). Most recently, Zaffran has served as coordinator of WHO’s Expanded Programme on Immunization. He has also served as Deputy Executive Secretary of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI), and  represented WHO on the working group that designed and launched GAVI. We caught up with him recently to ask his thoughts about this new challenge:

I am extremely excited, but also emotionally very moved, to have been selected for this position. I started working for the World Health Organization in September of 1987 in the immunization program. A few months later in May the World Health Assembly endorsed the resolution to actually eradicate polio. I was just at a very junior level but remember seeing my bosses work on the resolution, and so I was there from the very beginning. So to actually toward the end of my career be coming back and heading the program for its last miles basically is very exciting and very moving. Continue reading

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Rotaract Kids

Rotary E-klub Hrvatska podržao je projekt Rotaract kluba Rijeka. Cilj projekta je djecu iz raznih udruga voditi, umjesto u shopping centre, u zabavne muzeje, kino, riječko lutkarsko kazalište na razne radionice, na izlete, itd., pomoći im pri kvalitetnom provođenju vremena a i roditeljima priuštiti koju minutu za sebe.
Na taj način, osim stjecanja novih malih slatkih poznanstva i provođenjem vremena uz ludu zabavu, ostvarujemo suradnju sa raznijm riječkim udrugama te ostalim riječkim institucijama.


Prvi dio projekta održao se 20.12.2015. kada su članovi RAC Rijeka djecu iz udruge DIRA (udruga za pomoć djeci s poteškoćama u razvoju i poticanje harmoničnog razvoja djece i mladih), ugodnom šetnjom riječkim ulicama, odveli na radionicu u Pomorski i povjesni muzej Hrvatskog primorja gdje su mogli razlgedati sam muzej te saznati nešto o riječkom torpetu. Na radionici su naučili vezati čvorove, raditi brodove i avione od papira te se stekli nova poznanstva. Ovo je bio prvi samostalni (bez pratnje roditelja) odlazak mališana iz udruge. Nastala su velika nova prijateljstva i svi jedva čekamo ponovo druženje!


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World's Greatest Meal to End Polio Now



RESULTS from WGM Event #1602 from Croatia
Club Name: Rotary E-club Croatia
District Number: 1913
Number of participants in the meal: 5
Total donation to TRF Polio Plus program: US$70.00
Message: Rotary E-club Croatia changed their online meeting location to a Korean restaurant to celebrate the theme of RI 2016 Convention in Seoul. We had a short program on Rotary's efforts to eradicate Polio from the world.

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Primanje u članstvo naše drage kandidatkinje 

Mentorica Julija Turk uručuje Rotary značkicu novoj članici Rotary E-kluba Hrvatska, Aniki Matijević

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Afrika slavi godinu dana bez dječje paralize

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Primopredaja dužnosti 2015.

U petak, 17.07.2015. održana je primopredaja dužnosti Rotary E-kluba Hrvatska. Predsjednica 2014/15 Mirna Bačić predala je predsjednički lanac i klupsko zvono predsjednici 2015/16 Lamiji Muzurović


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Druženje članova i kandidata Rotary E-kluba Hrvatska



 8.11.2014. održano je druženje članova i kandidata za članstvo u Rotary E-klubu Hrvatska u "Kava i tava", na kojem je predsjednica kluba Mirna Bačić održala predavanje o posebnostima Rotary E-kluba Hrvatska, a prijatelj Matko Maravić upoznao nazočne s projektima Rotary E-kluba Hrvatska.



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Rotary ambasador Bono Vox



“Whenever I go doing my work in Africa, the Rotarians have been there before me. It is a very humbling thing to discover just exactly what putting service before yourself adds up to when you see it in practice on the field”


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6.8.2014. Predsjednica Rotary E-kluba Hrvatska Dijana Domonkoš razmijenila je klupske zastavice s Ivanom Ivin, kandidatkinjom Rotary E-kluba Hrvatska koja je sudjelovala u programu Europe 4 Europe u organizaciji 8 Rotary klubova i proputovala Europu u 18 dana


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Svečana Charter ceremonija Rotary E-kluba Hrvatska


Na svečanoj Charter ceremoniji održanoj u subotu 01.02.2014 u hotelu Dubrovnik u Zagrebu, naš je District 1913 povećan za jedan novi klub, Rotary E-klub Hrvatska.

Guverner Nikola Bilandžija i guverner elect Tomislav Maravić te brojni predstavnici klubova našeg i drugih distrikata poželjeli su dobrodošlicu novim Rotarijancima, njih 22, a već stažira i dvoje novih kandidata.

Predsjednica kluba Dijana Domonkoš ovom je prilikom predstavila i prvi klupski projekt, pod nazivom 'eRazred'


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A response to the polio outbreak in Syria

Bob Scott

Bob Scott

By Bob Scott, chair of Rotary’s International PolioPlus Committee

Polio was recently confirmed in Syria, a country that has been free of this disabling and potentially fatal disease since 1999. In response, health authorities in Syria and neighboring countries have launched urgent, large-scale, multi-country immunization campaigns to ensure that every child is reached with the polio vaccine.

Rotary and its partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative are working together with local health authorities to activate the outbreak response.

In the wake of World Polio Day, these and other recent polio cases in previously polio-free countries serve as a stark reminder that as long as polio still exists, unimmunized children everywhere remain at risk.

Rotary members, as leaders from all continents, cultures and occupations, have been active throughout the region to raise awareness and build support in the fight to end polio:


In coordination with the Egyptian Ministry of Health, Rotary clubs in Egypt will support and help raise awareness of the national immunization activities in November.


In September, district and national Rotary PolioPlus committees in Jordan visited the Minister of Health to offer support for the nationwide measles, rubella and polio vaccination campaign scheduled this week.

Rotary members secured funds for updated equipment needed to vaccinate more children, and are raising public awareness to encourage families to immunize their children by posting large ‘End Polio Now’ signs in Arabic on major streets in Amman.


Rotary Clubs have joined with the Lebanese Ministry of Health, WHO and UNICEF to help vaccinate children, particularly those from displaced families below the age of five. Rotary members will help raise awareness in their communities and provide volunteer support during national immunization campaigns scheduled for early November and December.


Rotary members are establishing a coordinating committee in Turkey and approaching the Ministry of Health to offer their support.


Rotary members in Bulgaria are working with the Red Cross to lead a campaign to collect food, baby food and diapers for Syrian refugees. On World Polio Day, Rotary members and Rotaractors handed out “End Polio Now” flyers printed in the local language to help raise awareness.

We know that if polio remains endemic, outbreaks will continue to occur, and that’s why the progress being made in the three remaining polio-endemic countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria) is encouraging. Polio cases in the endemic countries are down by 40 percent compared to the same time last year.

We, as Rotarians, remain steadfast in our commitment to a polio-free world, and we will continue our efforts until polio is gone forever.

  • Donate to the fight to end polio.
  • Watch a global update on the fight to end polio.
  • Become an advocate by contacting elected officials, business leaders, friends, and the press to encourage support for eradicating polio.

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Remembering Jonas Salk on the anniversary of his birthday

By Kurt Sipolski, freelance writer, polio survivor, and resident of Palm Desert, California, USA 

Years ago, I founded and published a magazine for homeowners and designers, San Francisco Gentry magazine. 

It was easy to target advertisers. While homeowners don’t necessarily eat out more than renters, they sure as heck hire builders and landscapers more often.

One time, I called a fire contractor to sell him an ad. I had used him when an apartment in a building I owned caught fire. After refreshing his memory of who I was, he replied, “Oh, I  remember. You’re the cripple.” 

I was so astonished, that all I could think of to say was, “Technically, I suppose, because I had polio, you are correct. But I don’t like your connotation of that word, and I won’t call again.”

It did and does remind me of how far we have come in the United States in terms of viewing the disabled. Today marks the birthday of Jonas Salk (1914-1995), who developed the first vaccine against polio. It made me think of the strides we have taken since that period.

Salk’s vaccine was cleared for general use in 1955, and was eventually followed by Albert Sabin’s oral vaccine. The disease then and now has helped unite many behind a single cause, kill this virus that is targeting our kids.

The March of Dimes was founded by a ton of dimes landing on desks in Washington D.C., and helped not only to end the disease in the United States, but to benefit the families of polio survivors.  My mother, a widow, very gratefully used it for all my therapy and operations and later became president of our local chapter in Illinois.

Unfortunately, many polio survivors who lived successful and productive lives now suffer from post-polio syndrome, which mimics all the discomfort and weakness suffered when the disease first struck. The neurons are shot after decades of use and overuse. I know it is terribly discouraging.

Thank God, there are only a few cases of polio left in the world. And with the help of Rotary, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the other partner organizations in theGlobal Polio Eradication Initiative, we are closing in on finally exterminating this virus. Even facing death in some countries, polio eradication volunteers are out their bravely getting the job done.

Actresses like Archie Panjabi and Mia Farrow and Ksenia Solo have lent their names and donated their time to the cause. Ms. Solo has optioned the rights to adapt my book to the screen. The film will highlight the unspoken courage of a million mothers who suffered just as much as their kids, only in their souls.

 It is one thing to help a cause when someone immediate to you is affected, but entirely magnanimous to help others purely because no one else is helping them.

Cases of acute flaccid paralysis are being investigated in war-torn Syria, and the polio virus has been found recently in sewage in Jerusalem. It is as important as ever to maintain vigilance against this disease until it is finally eradicated.

Good people are doing good things in the fight against polio, and deserve our support. Noblesse Oblige.

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Rotary Fights to End Polio Now

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World Polio Day


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Poruka Billa Gatesa Rotarijancima:

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Iskorjenjivanje Dječje paralize

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Rotary's Vision for a Better World

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Promicanje mira

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Nova rotary.org web stranica

Rotary International ima redizajniranu stranicu! Više o tome u videu:

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Poruka RI Predsjednika Burtona 

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Činiti Dobro

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Pet pravaca služenja Rotaryja predstavljaju teorijske i praktične okosnice za rad ovog Rotary kluba.
  1. Služenje klubu, prvi Pravac služenja, uključuje djelovanje koje bi član trebao poduzeti u ovom klubu kako bi potpomogao njegov uspješan rad.
  2. Služenje struci, drugi Pravac služenja čija je uloga promicanje visokih etičkih standarda u poslu i struci, pridavanjem važnosti svim vjerodostojnim strukama i njegovanjem ideala služenja u svim strukama. Uloga je članova ponašati se i voditi posao u skladu s načelima Rotaryja.
  3. Služenje zajednici, treći Pravac služenja, obuhvaća različite napore koje članovi ulažu, ponekad u sprezi s drugima, kako bi poboljšali kvalitetu života onih koji žive u mjestu ili gradskoj općini ovog kluba.
  4. Međunarodno služenje, četvrti Pravac služenja, uključuje one aktivnosti koje članovi provode kako bi poboljšali međunarodno razumijevanje, dobru volju i mir njegovanjem poznanstava s ljudima u drugim državama, njihovim kulturama, običajima, postignućima, ambicijama i problemima kroz predavanja i korespondenciju te kroz suradnju u svim klupskim aktivnostima i projektima osmišljenima u svrhe pomaganja ljudima u drugim državama.
  5. Služba za mlade, peti Pravac služenja, prepoznaje pozitivnu promjenu koju provode mladi te mlađe punoljetne osobe kroz aktivnosti razvijanja rukovodstvenog tijela, angažiranja u zajednici i na projektima međunarodnog služenja te na programima razmjene koji podržavaju i njeguju mir u svijetu i kulturalno razumijevanje.

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Make a World of Difference

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Rotary E-Club

What is the purpose of a Rotary e-club?

What are the goals and attributes of a Rotary e-club?